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art direction

nexcare singapore - pimpleman video shoot


To promote brand recall, and create excitement through word of mouth.


Nexcare SG had conceptualised a character, Pimple Man, to promote its product line of acne patches, and was looking to produce a video for the launch.


We planned a storyboard around the three factors that causes pimples - sleep, stress, and food. To amp up the personification and humour, we introduced the “pimple-o-meter”, which increasingly nears dangerous levels much to Pimple Man’s delight. 


Viewers follow a day in the life of a woman engaging in activities typical of a busy working adult, including turning up for a date with a huge pimple at the end. Besides being relatable, the format effectively educates viewers on the pitfalls to look out for.


We managed everything from scripting, casting, and location scouting to on-site direction, and liaising with an external videographer on the filming and editing. 


  • Generated over 2,000 link clicks to e-commerce website

  • Garnered almost two million total video view at $0.09 per video view on average

kopi & cents - personal portrait photoshoot


To have a versatile set of portraits that can be incorporated into visuals on the website and social media posts.


For our client, a financial advisor, personal branding is key. The photos of him should convey credibility and approachability. Additionally, as his clientele is in the mid to high-income range, we opted for stronger contrast and shadows in the photoshoot moodboard to bring forth a sophisticated look.


For versatility, we planned a mix of smart casual and formal wear for wardrobe, and catered for both wide angle and close-ups in framing. Our team, together with the lead photographer, was also on set to direct how he posed and interacted with props that we have prepared.


Post-production, we selected the best shots, and did minor editing on them to optimise colours and retouch skin.

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