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To differentiate Mazda SG as a premium car brand against other automobile companies in Singapore.


We proposed a major website audit and revamp to improve the overall online UI/UX and encourage higher site engagement. Navigation menu were streamlined and content layout was redesigned to deliver a sleek, visual-led look-and-feel. We also executed strategic enhancements to increase number of pages browsed per visitor as well as traffic to lead generation pages. To further cement Mazda position as an internationally renowned car brand, we created a “Newsroom” page to house all press coverage and reviews.



To design a website that not only embraces, but also communicates the spirit of the brand to consumers. 


moki+ is a new player looking to differentiate itself in the bespoke furniture industry with a deep specialisation in versatile kitchen solutions. Instead of building just a beautiful showcase of products like most of its competitors, we aimed to underscore intangible aspects that are just as important. They include design philosophy, service quality and aesthetics.


We too, were inspired by the concepts of space agility and freedom in homes that moki+ subscribes to. We opted for a minimalistic, geometric style for our overall design layout in line with the modular offerings that moki+ is known for.  By utilising elegant yet striking colours of navy and gold, coupled with patterned wall textures, we sought to bring out its young, adventurous soul and premium brand image.  


We also reframed the designs and colours moki+ offers into an “Inspiration” wall with thematic home design ideas. The section looks to capture the attention of new homeowners through content marketing and a soft-sell approach. 


For the purposes of SEO, we created several informative sections such as FAQ and materials’ properties. These sections were made collapsible so that the volume of text does not compromise user experience, especially on mobile. Several CTAs were also incorporated throughout the website to maximise the number of internal links.




To develop a knowledge-sharing platform that adds credibility to our client, an independent financial advisor, and grows a loyal community of financially savvy people. 


We recognise that blog articles can easily gain traction and fuel social sharings, helping our client cut through the clutter in a highly competitive financial advisory industry. In order to bring across a reputable personal brand image, we opted for a clean look with selected colours that exudes professionalism, reliability and authenticity. Throughout the website, various CTAs are strategically placed to drive traffic to important pages of the website, and to generate leads for our client. 


The website design gives attention to our client’s expertise in investment and retirement. We also put our own spin on a pun and set up a ”CashCourse” column to house regular market and economy advisory from our client. As its name suggests, it aims to break down financial developments around the world into bite-sized information that busy working professionals can grasp within minutes.

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