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sompo - sam & penny series

We follow the ordinary lives of Sam & Penny, a newlywed couple, in an episodic series we produced on Facebook playlist. Showcasing our client’s products in a visually appealing and digestible manner, we captured the attention of existing and potential customers alike. Whether you’re a homeowner or car-owner, their relatable happenings might just hit you close to home!

sompo - fairytale series

We put our own modern spins on the all too familiar fairytales, depicting iconic characters in comical, yet relatable situations to highlight our client’s products. It’s a refreshing and eye-catching way to illustrate product benefits to families without being too hard-sell.

ccf - terry & latha stories

Everybody has a story to tell and we want people to hear what Hair for Hope ambassadors, who struggled with childhood cancer, have to say. We illustrated their trials and tribulations in an authentic and cinematic manner, allowing viewers to journey with them and empathise with the cause.


Animated content in the form of GIFs provide a light-hearted communication approach that can be used to build affinity and increase brand awareness organically. With its ease of sharing, gone are the days of texting a bland “Happy New Year” message that gets drowned in a chat group! From Santa’s Christmas factory to hotpot tips during CNY, you can see for yourselves how we make seasonal greetings truly engaging and special.


Motion graphics is a great tool for edutainment. It is able to break down complex messages into fool-proof, bite-sized information nuggets, while retaining viewers’ attention. Discover how we use a blend of vector graphics and audio effects to bring dry content to life, succinctly, effectively and aesthetically!

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