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PPIS - #RecovHER


To raise $60,000 to provide women access to mental health resources, including therapy, counselling and safe environments, through PPIS’ centres.


In commemoration of World Mental Health Day 2021, we conceptualised the theme of #SayangMyMind for PPIS’ annual #RecovHER mental wellness campaign. The campaign encourages women to be attuned to their mental health, while linking them to resources to support their mental wellness journey. It also celebrates women who have made progress in their own journeys.  


The team proposed “Butterfly Hug”, a self-soothing method recognised by psychologists that is popularly known as the “hug of self-love”, as an activation mechanism online.

For the design of the campaign logo and key visuals, we primarily used watercolour and line art. This approach not only cleverly navigated around the challenge of having limited photographs of the beneficiaries to work with, but also delivered impactful and emotive storytelling. The design is also a subtle reminder to women to spend time on their hobbies. 

somposg x whynotclay


Harness the power of collaboration to reach out to new target audience, and kickstart a CSR initiative amidst challenging times


We identified the emerging popularity of handmade polymer clay crafts and proposed a partnership with a local maker on Instagram with high engagement and fast-growing fanbase. The partnership took place in two parts, starting with a clay earring giveaway to boost engagement for our Japan-based client, Sompo SG. To incorporate a trivia about the Sompo Museum of Art in Japan, which houses Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting, the giveaway collection was aptly themed around Japan’s four flower seasons and included a “Sunflowers” replica design.


In a bid to support small local businesses and affected families amid COVID-19 pandemic, we also successfully commissioned 16 unique pairs of Japan-themed earrings to be sold on our partner, Why Not Clay’s shop. Sales proceeds went to Why Not Clay, while Sompo SG matched dollar-to-dollar to donate to the Community Chest’s Courage Fund. 


By striking a partnership with a rising star instead of an influencer, we were able to work with a lean budget, but still achieve fantastic results on several fronts. To top it all off, the collaborations were meaningful and benefited all parties involved!

Campaign Results

  • Near to 200 giveaway participants in two weeks

  • Commissioned collection sold out in 10 minutes

  • Acquired over 200 followers in a month

  • Around 6,000 engagements across both collabs

0625 IG Collab 1 Giveaway Launch 01 Cover.png
01. 0727 Collab 2 Cover V4.jpg
0625 IG Collab 1 Giveaway Launch 02 Spring.png
ccf - hair for hope 2021


To the bring the iconic headshaving campaign, which has been culminating in a physical event for almost two decades, to the digital space amidst the pandemic. We were challenged to rally new and existing fans to take action, in the form of headshaves or donations, in support of children with cancer. 


As the Creative Agency Partner, we had to pivot and think on our feet when the campaign was put on hold in 2020 due to the emergence of COVID-19. We tweaked the key visual to reflect the new norm, and conceptualised a compelling storytelling narrative with a mix of static content and motion graphics on social media. Tight online-to-offline ad and content strategies were employed across Facebook, Instagram, Google, EDMs and billboards. To increase our client’s reach and generate word-of-mouth via user-generated content, we empowered fans and participants with highly engaging digital consumables such as AR filter, sticker packs, and FB display photo frame.

Campaign Results

  • 2,059 registered shavees and over $3.6 million in donations raised

  • More than 12,000 post engagements in three months

Carousel Ad_Latha.jpg
GoogleAd_Traffic(Display) mobile 3.jpg
velocity - plinko @ novena square


To build reinforce Velocity’s proposition and increase the mall’s footfall through strategic engagement tactics on social media.


We developed a social media campaign aimed at increasing participation in a sure-win plinko game, with minimum spend at the shopping mall. In conjunction, we also executed two low entry-barrier phototaking contests - HealthyLicious (centered on nutritious diet) and SportyFun (centered on staying active) to encourage a healthier lifestyle among the general public. Photoshoots were conducted at locations around the mall such as the supermarket and the basketball court. Meanwhile, the content strategy over the campaign period focused on delivering high edutainment value via interesting health tips and trivia. Overall, our campaign was effective in building Velocity’s brand association as Singapore’s dedicated sports mall!

Campaign Results

  • Over 100 entries across 2 mini-contests held over two weeks

  • Accumulated over 20,000 in organic reach 

  • Garnered more than 1,000 post interactions

Velocity Promo2.jpg
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