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kopi & cents


To develop a personal branding for our client, an independent financial advisor, that is relatable and approachable, but still remains professional.


The high competition in the financial planning industry challenged us to create a brand that sticks. Relationship building is key for financial advisors and more often than not it starts with a cup of coffee. And, we all know how much our client’s target audience, working professionals, love their daily dose of coffee. That was how the first half of the brand came about - translated to a local slang for added relatability! 


Careful to mislead audiences that the brand is about coffee, we incorporated a strong element of finance into the logo. Our team conceptualised an abstract, top view of two cups toasting to signal a great partnership, which can also be interpreted as a dollar sign. While one of the cups has coffee stains on the rim, the other holds a coin, symbolising the second component of the brand - “cents”. A lock-up of his name with the logo is added to reinforce personal association and recall.


To present a credible image, we utilised a blue colour that exudes stability and brown colour that exudes reliability and is reminiscent of coffee. A shade of yellow that is similar to that in a coins is used as an accent. As our client is look to appeal to those with medium to high nett worth, the look of his portrait photoshoot and social content were kept dark and sophisticated. 


The brand rationale, logo variations for different applications, colour palette, typography and look-and-feel moodboard can all be easily accessed via the comprehensive corporate identity guide we prepared for our client.

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