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Fun fact: An average person checks their emails 15 times a day. Not surprisingly, email marketing is an effective, reliable tool to share about your business and connect with your audience. That being said, not all EDMs are created equal and the recipe for a good EDM is far from simple. 


At the fundamental level, an engaging subject line and preheader text can significantly boost open rates, allowing your content to reach more subscribers. From there, your email design takes the front stage. Inverted pyramid, zig-zag, one column, and more - we have executed several popular design layouts to organise various EDM elements such as headers, imagery, and CTA buttons in a visually appealing and unique manner. 


Whether you are looking to go minimalistic or make it pop with vibrant graphics, we can design something that fits the brief perfectly. To increase click-through rate, we also design and optimise multimedia assets to be incorporated into the EDM. And of course, mobile-responsiveness is a must, and copywriting is always sharp and impactful with us.

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